How to write a diamante poem for kids

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How to write poetry: Diamante poems

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Write a found scene from a sceptical informational article with the unique attribution and citation. This handout is a great tool for teaching kids how to write a Diamante Poem. Diamante poems are a great way to teach student about Synonyms and Antonyms and have a bit of fun in the process.

Other TeachersFirst Special Topics Collections. This collection of reviewed resources from TeachersFirst is selected by our editors from the hundreds of reviewed poetry resources and creative tools listed on TeachersFirst. An example diamante: Seasons Winter Rainy, frigid Skiing, skating, sledding Mountains, wind, breeze, ocean Swimming, surfing, scuba diving Scorching, hot Summer An example diamante: Civilizations Greece Diamante Poem Template Created Date: 12/5/ AM.

In this app, users can learn about and write diamante poems, which are diamond-shaped poems that use nouns, adjectives, and gerunds to describe either one central topic or two opposing topics (for example, night/day or winter/spring).

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Halloween Diamante Poems

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Examples of 12 Different Types of Poetry to Read and Write

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How to Write a Limerick, Diamond & Haiku Poem

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How to write a diamante poem for kids
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