How to write a divorce ad for newspaper

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How do I announce my divorce in a newspaper?

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How to Place a Public Notice in the Newspaper to Notify Spouse of Divorce Hearing

Placing a divorce notice in a newspaper, or service by publication, is a last resort to notify your spouse that you are filing for divorce. It is an option that should only be used if the divorce notice cannot be personally delivered to the defendant.

Answer. You have the paper delivered by someone from the court house where you filed for divorce.\n. \n. \n The notice is placed in the legal or personal classified s ection of the newspaper in the area in where the person is assumed to reside. The time the notice is required to run depends upon the laws of the state where the dissolution of marriage petition is filed.\n.

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Sample Newspaper Legal Notice Publication (owner name of business) d/b/a (trade name of business) is applying to the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control of the State of Louisiana for a permit to sell beverages of (high, low, light wine, high and low, or low and light wine) alcohol content at retail in.

How to write a divorce ad for newspaper
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What do I put in the local newspaper to divorce an absent spouse