How to write a function rule for an arithmetic sequence

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Rules for Sequences: Level 6

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Arithmetic Sequences

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It can be a whole academic, a fraction, or even an assignment number. An arithmetic sequence is a sequence (list of numbers) that has a common difference (a positive or negative constant) between the consecutive terms. Examples of How to Apply the Arithmetic Sequence Formula. Example 1: Find the 35 th term in the arithmetic sequence 3, 9, 15, 21, There are three things needed in order to find the 35 th term using the formula.

the first term (a 1) the common difference between consecutive terms (d)and the term position (n)From the given sequence, we can easily read off the first term and common.

Write a recursive function for this sequence.

Writing a function rule given a table of ordered pairs: One-step rules: Worksheets

Choose: a 1 = 8 and a n = a n-1 + 3n: a 1 = 8 and a n = a n-1 • 3n: a 1 = 8 and a n = a n-1 • 3: a 1 = 8 and a n = a n-1 + 3.

6. A private school purchases $26, of new computer equipment. For tax purposes, the school estimates that the equipment decreases in value by the same amount.

Explicit formulas for arithmetic sequences

Arithmetic Sequences Quiz Review Date_____ Period____ Determine if the sequence is arithmetic. If it is, find the common difference. Given a term in an arithmetic sequence and the common difference find the explicit formula.

19) a 20 = −68, d = −4 a n = 12 − 4n 20) a 29 = 24, d = 2 a n = −34 + 2n To get the next term in the sequence, we multiply the current term by 2 and add 1.

20) A ball is dropped from a height of 30 feet and each time it hits the ground it bounces of the previous height. An “arithmetic sequence” is the same thing as an “arithmetic progression”.

This post uses the term “sequence” but if you live in a place that tends to use the word .

How to write a function rule for an arithmetic sequence
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