How to write a screenplay outline example

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How I Write A Script, Part 6: Outline

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Sample Script Outline

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You can refer to this article showing you how to write a good script outline. To learn how to outline a screenplay, you must start with a basic plot trajectory.

And this can only come from understanding the desires of your protagonist. Think about what your character wants, and what progression of increasingly-difficult obstacles (and people) he or she will organically attract.

Use our sample 'Sample Script Outline.' Read it or download it for free. Free help from wikiHow. Sample Script Outline. The One-Liner. A music professor comes to terms with his son’s death and, with the help of a new student, rediscovers his passion for music and for life.

A step outline gives you a bird's eye view of your overall story. Slightly more detailed than a treatment, the step outline should end up about 10 to 12 pages when finished.

Creating the step outline helps maintain focus on the main. Part of discovering the perfect outline, however, is trying different approaches and using what works best for you as well as for the script you are writing at the time.

The more formulaic the genre (e.g. rom-coms), the more useful a detailed outline can be.

How to write a screenplay outline example
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How do you write an outline for a screenplay