How to write a works cited page for an anthology of the golf

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How to Cite an Anthology in MLA Format

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Our MLA Guide to Developing Authentic Works Cited Pages

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How to Cite an Anthology in MLA Style

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The Works Cited Page

3. Page numbers are designated with pp. 4. Date of access is omitted. 5. Medium of publication is omitted. The Works Cited is just a bibliography: you list all the sources you used to write the paper. The citation information you include in the body of the paper itself is called the “in-text citation.”.

For an original work in an anthology, first list the author and title of the article or chapter. Follow this with the title and editors of the anthology, publication information (place, publisher, date) for the anthology, and then, after the period, the pages in the anthology that the work covers.

For reference works frequently published in new editions, do not give the full publication information. List only the edition, the publication year, and the medium of the work.

MLA Style Guide, 7th Edition: About MLA

List only the edition, the publication year, and the medium of the unavocenorthernalabama.comon: Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce,FL. In MLA style, all the sources you cite throughout the text of your paper are listed together in full in the Works Cited section, which comes after the main text of your paper.

Page numbers: Just as the rest of your paper, the top of the page should retain the right-justified header with. Aug 29,  · Format your Works Cited page. According to MLA guidelines, a Works Cited page should be formatted with the following rules: One-inch margins all around.

Label the page “Works Cited”, and center it on the top line. All citations should be double-spaced, with no extra lines between entries%(37).

How to write a works cited page for an anthology of the golf
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Example of an MLA Citation for an Anthology With an Editor | Pen and the Pad